Hello! Welcome to my homepage! I am a first year Masters student at the University of Alberta.
I got My BSc in Software Engineering from the University of Isfahan with an outstanding performance
among my classmates for which I was awarded the honorary admission to MSc in AI. I have past
experience in Computer Vision, Robotics, Data Mining and Natural Language Processing. Currently,
my main interest is in the field of Reinforcement Learning and I am working in this area under
the supervision of Professor Matthew Taylor in the RLAI lab.


Msc in Computer Science
2019 - 2021
 University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

BSc in Computer Engineering (Software Engineering)
2013 - 2017
 University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
Thesis: Facial Expression Recognition
Adviser: Dr. Amirhassan Monadjemi
Last 60 credits GPA: 18/20 = 3.83/4

Diploma in Mathematics and Physics
2009 - 2013
 Farzanegan Amin High School, Isfahan, Iran
GPA: 4/4

Research Experiences

Research Assistant of Professor AmirHassan Monadjemi

  • Working on video action recognition (using spatial & temporal stream CNNs)
    2017 – Present

  • Working on data mining and predictive analysis for Retinopathy of Prematurity
    (a type of eye disease) on a dataset of over 18000 records
    2017 – Present

  • Working on autonomous robot movement with video analysis


  • Machine Learning and the Use of Classifier Algorithms in Identification and Classification
    of the Risk for Retinopathy of Prematurity in Premature Infnats
  • Gh.Naderian,Shiva Soleimany,[and 5 others]

Teaching Experiences

Teaching Assistant, University of Isfahan
  • Data Mining
  • Data Structures
  • Advanced Programming(JAVA)
  • Technical English
Instructor, Farzanegan High School (NODET)
  • Mathematics(Algebra, Combinatorics, Geometric Analysis)
  • Programming (HTML, C++)
  • Mechanical Physics and Astronomy
English Instructor, Iran Language Institute (ILI)
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to Teenagers.

Honors and Awards

  • Received honorary admission from University of Isfahan graduate studies in
    Artificial Intelligence for outstanding academic success, Iran
  • Top 10 percent during Bachelor studies
  • First team in the ACM contest held at the University of Isfahan
  • Third place in Isfahan Startup Weekend, Isfahan,Iran
  • Ranked top 0.007 in the Nationwide University Entrance Exam among all
    students in mathematics and physics (approximately 570,000)
  • Second place,IranOpen RoboCup Competitions, Junior Soccer Leauge
  • Second place,IranOpen RoboCup Competitions, Junior Soccer Leauge
  • Participating in the International Robotic competitions, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Participated in AUTCUP RoboCup Competitions, Line Follower League

Work Experience


Backend Developer at ITOrbit, Tehran, Iran
  • Working with JAVAEE, C++ and MYSQL to develop an ERP(Enterprise resource planning)
    system named 'NAAD' for managing university students and professors information. NAAD was
    the most famous and only ERP in academia in Iran and is used in nearly 1 out of 4 universities
    across the country.
  • Database developer
  • Software developer
  • Writing a program to clean, compress & encrypt text files to increase security
  • Working with TortoiseSVN and helping the IT support team to migrate from it to Git.
  • Working with WampServer and Making refreshing a single page possible in it in order
    to fasten developing process.

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages Java Python PHP Prolog C++ R
  • Web Technologies HTML CSS JavaScript JQuery XML Json
  • Database systems Microsoft SQL Server MySQL SQLite
  • Libraries TensorFlow Keras Scikit-learn NetworkX,
  • Software RapidMiner NetBeans Eclipse IntelliJ Visual Paradigm MATLAB AltiumDesigner Proteus Visual Studio
  • Microprocessor AVR ARM
  • Operating System Windows Linux
  • TypeSetting Microsoft Word LATEX


 Email Network Analysis: Analyzing the  internal email communication network between  employees of a company(strongly connected  components, centers, diameter, radius, etc)

  Path Construction Planning: A Python  program to determine between which cities a new  road should be constructed.

Country Prediction : A program in LISP that asks about the primary attributes like its continent, Colors included in its flag, etc of a country and tells the name of the country.

Sudoku Solver : Solving 4x4 and 9x9 Sudoku using AI algorithms such as backtracking.

 Emojifier: Adding Emojis to text messages can  make them more expressive and the goal of this  project is to add appropriate emojis to text messages automatically.

Depression Measurement : A program in LISP that can tell the user whether he is suffering from depression or not and if he is by how much. If the program recognizes that the user is very depressed it will give further advice.

Forest Cover Type Prediction: : A data mining classification problem. The goal of this project was to train a classifier that is able to classify(predict) the forest cover types for areas which were not included in its training data.

Failed Servers Detection : Using Gaussian distribution for anomaly detection in order to detect servers with unnatural behaviors in a network.

Artificial Ant with GP:I wrote the code for solving this problem and visualized the of finding the best path. You can see its video on the project's page.

Car detection with YOLO : A program with Keras and Tensorflow and the powerful YOLO model for detecting cars. Car detection can have applications in areas such as Autonomous driving.